GAMECHANGER: Economic benefits of Carnival’s GB cruise port touted

Oct 24, 2023

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Carnival Cruise Lines executives said yesterday that the company’s multi-million dollar cruise port on Grand Bahama described as “the largest project Carnival has ever done” will create a multitude of economic opportunities, particularly for the people of Grand Bahama.

Cruise Line executives while providing an overview of the Celebration Key project to the Grand Bahama business community at a town hall meeting yesterday outlined the numerous opportunities the project will bring, which include 1,000 jobs.

Renata Robeiro, Senior Vice-President Strategic Operations at Carnival noted, “This is the largest project Carnival has ever done. This is even more important than a newly built ship.” She noted that 18 ships from 10 different home ports in the United States and Europe are already slated to sail to its Grand Bahama cruise port. The first cruises are slated to sail to the destination in July 2025.

“This is the biggest project ever in terms of a destination and the biggest project ever in terms of the number of ships coming to visit,” said Robeiro.

Celebration Key stands as Carnival Cruise Line’s pioneering cruise port destination, tailor-made exclusively for its guests. The name is emblematic of the aspiration for this destination to epitomize a jubilant fusion of Carnival’s offerings and the allure of The Bahamas, ensuring an unforgettable vacation experience. Carnival ships will berth at an adjoining cruise pier, capable of hosting two of Carnival’s Excel-class vessels concurrently, affording guests seamless access to Celebration Key. Upon full realization, Celebration Key will have the capacity to host two million guests annually, with the inaugural cruise to this destination scheduled for July 2025.

Minister for Grand Bahama Ginger Moxey described Celebration Key as a “game-changer” for the island of Grand Bahama.

“With 2.2 million plus cruise passengers traversing our shores annually and 13,000 daily, the opportunity that brings for our people is enormous. YES, this is indeed a game-changer.  When this $500 million dollar project is complete, Celebration Key will have the capacity to accommodate up to two of Carnival’s Excel-class ships simultaneously, and Grand Bahama will be the home of a flagship destination for cruise travel,” said Moxey.

Juan Fernandez, Carnival’s vice president of operational strategy noted that the development will generate numerous opportunities in food and beverage, retail, taxi, and tour operations. 

“We believe this destination will create plenty of opportunities outside of the port which is very important,” said Fernandez, noting that there will be more than 20 food and beverage opportunities alone. He further noted that the project is designed specifically to create opportunities for Grand Bahamians. The cruise line is seeking to hire more than 300 persons.