Welcome to our RFQ/RFP page.

We encourage you to visit this page often to keep informed with the project "Bid Process" including information on documentation requirements as well as deadlines for submissions.  We will be posting in this section for upcoming opportunities for all areas of the project:  The Design, Construction, Retail, F&B plus others as required to accomplish the planning, building, completion and further operations of Celebration Key.

The “RFQ”; or “Request for Qualifications” document is the first step in the formal process of procuring services for a project and thus be eligible to submit responses to a later issued “RFP” or “Request for Proposals”. Submitting an RFQ will NOT automatically qualify you, nor guarantee you to receive an RFP.

After RFQ responses are reviewed, selected vendors that qualify will receive an “RFP” or “Request for Proposal” package.  This package will be sent directly ONLY to the short-listed or selected companies from RFQ submittals.   Being selected to receive a RFP package does NOT guarantee the win of the project, rather the selected company will be subject to continue on the bidding process and submit their project proposal and compete with others through a rigorous criteria review, and may need to comply with additional agreements, and/or other requirements.

Please come back often for more RFQ information as we are updating our site frequently. 


RFQ/RFPProject DescriptionIssuedDueRequired SubmittalsStatus
RFQ for Food & Beverage Operations
Participate in the Design, Build, Full Operation and Maintenance of High Volume Food & Beverage Operations at Celebration Key- CLOSED
Jul 29, 2022Aug 31, 2022    

High Volume F&B Requirements

Landside Contractor
Landside Contractor RFI- CLOSED
Jan 30, 2023
Feb 24, 2023
Submit Proposal HereClosed
RFI for Retail Operations
Request for Information- Anchor and "Standard" Retail Operations- CLOSED
July 25, 2023
Submit Proposal HereClosed
RFP for Anchor Retail Operations
Request for Proposal for Anchor Retail Operations- CLOSEDSept 6, 2023
Dec 16, 2023
Submit Proposal HereClosed
Construction Services
For construction related opportunities visit: https://greython.com/project-opportunity/OPENOPENCheck Website HereOngoing
2nd RFQ for Food & Beverage OperationsRequest for Proposal for Food & Beverage Outlets- CLOSEDNov 9, 2023
Jan 15, 2024
Submit Proposal BelowClosed
RFP for Standard Retail Operations
Request for Proposal for Standard (300-950 sqft)- CLOSEDDec 20, 2023Feb 16, 2024Submit Proposal Below
RFI/RFP for Shore Excursion Operations

Request for Information and Proposal for Shore Excursion Operations- Submit the correct Proposal form via email to: Shorex@carnivalgrandport.com. 

Feb 28, 2024June 1, 2024

Information and Proposal Forms Below:

  1. RFI RFP Shore Excursions Operations for Celebration Key
  2. Shore Excursion Proposal - for Existing Business Owner (Not Current Carnival Operator)
  3. Shore Excursion - New Operator Business Proposal


RFP for Port Agency

Request for Proposal for Celebration Key Port Agency- CLOSED


Mar 13, 2024
Apr 1, 2024
Port Agent RFP Celebration Key-13Mar2024Closed
RFP for Staff Housing
Celebration Key Staff Housing RFP- CLOSED
Mar 22, 2024
May 17, 2024Mutual NDA- CK Staff Housing March 2024Closed

Submit Your RFQ/RFP Here

In addition to electronic submission, please also send two original copies via regular Mail to:

Carnival Corporation & PLC. (North Tower-10thFloor)
Global Port and Destination Development Group
c/o Carnival Grand Bahama Investments Ltd.
Attn: PA - Celebration Key Project Management
3655 NW 87th Avenue (MSSP925N) 
Miami, FL 33178


It is important that you carefully review each document and comply with all steps detailed as required with no deviations, including additional “Summary of Qualifications” document.

IMPORTANT: Responses received beyond the posted due date will NOT be eligible for consideration.

All participants must be licensed in Freeport, Grand Bahama.