Business Opportunities

Celebration Key will provide qualified candidates with opportunities to engage in design and engineering elements of the project. We wish to ensure that the port and all elements of the port reflect the culture and art of Grand Bahama and the broader Bahamian community. We will engage with local artists and artisans to provide services that will contribute to the look and feel of the port. This can include artwork, design of elements related to food and beverage operations, and various other elements that can be featured in the port.


We will develop a robust retail operation that allows qualified Bahamian operators to create a balanced retail offering. This retail operation will provide a uniquely Bahamian experience. Retail categories include, but are not limited to:

  • T-shirts and general souvenirs
  • Jewelry
  • Kiosks (scheduled to rotate position/location)
  • Bahamian Straw Market
  • Duty free

View our 2023 Presentation - CK Retail Presentation 10-19-23

Food & Beverage

  • The F&B operations will be provided by qualified vendors.
  • This operation will be geared to provide up to 12,000 daily guests in a variety of restaurants and a diversity of menus and beverages carefully designed to be scattered throughout the property to avoid congestion in the area.
  • They will all be unique or existing Bahamian food brands. Unique branding and general menu items will be created.
  • There will be larger facilities to accommodate larger numbers of people, but there will also be smaller specialty facilities.
  • We expect to have a variety of operators that will provide varying experiences therefore not repeating the same type of offerings throughout the port.